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My name is Jaleigh Pier and I am currently a first year Masters student at the University of Connecticut Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) Department. I am working on a second paleontology project this time focusing on brachiopods throughout the Devonian mass extinction along the NY/PA border. I am still just getting my feet wet and tackling the enormous task of identifying species, but I am really looking forward to working with the material and questions that arise from it.  Previously, I attended St. Lawrence University, a small liberal arts school in northern NY state. Paleontology has always piqued my interest ever since I was little. I owned every single Land Before Time movie and had what my mother refers to as the "great migration" of dinosaurs running through the house. Since then I fell in love with Biology and the natural world and have had the opportunity to mesh the two into a double major of Biology and Geology to follow my passion for dinosaurs, which has evolved into a passion for discovering how the world changes both past and present. For the past is truly the key to the future! My research interests include mass extinctions, invertebrates, organismal interactions, climate change, how biodiversity changes with time, and evolution.

Who wouldn't think that dinosaurs are way cool!? I have always been in awe of these amazing creatures that once walked this world. Although I am unsure what this website will turn out to be (blog, educational, fun facts, etc.) it will surely be unique and an adventure to create and I hope you all find the dinosaur world as exciting as I do!

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